DEVRY ECET 402 Week 5 Homework NEW

DEVRY ECET 402 Week 5 Homework NEW

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Chapter 12:

1. Draw a relay wiring diagram for a circuit that implements the simple logic diagram shown in Figure 12.36. The circuit should be in the style of Figure 12.1(a).

2. Repeat Exercise 1 except draw the circuit as a ladder diagram.

3. A small house has three windows and two doors. Each window and door has a switch attached such that the contacts close when a door or window opens. Draw a ladder logic diagram that will turn on a light if one or more windows are open or if both doors are open.

4. In a processing plant, jars on a conveyer belt are cleaned out with a high-pressure air jet just prior to being filled (Figure 12.37). When a jar approaches the cleaning station, it activates a switch (with both NO and NC contacts). The conveyer belt stops for 10 s while the air jet is on; then the conveyer belt starts, and the jar moves along. Draw a ladder logic diagram to control this process.



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